Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C) in Florida

Medicare Advantage plans, also known as Medicare Part C plans or MA plans, are government-approved private insurance plans that provide eligible Florida Medicare beneficiaries with all of their Part A and Part B coverage.

What do Florida Medicare Advantage plans cover?

Medicare Advantage coverage includes all hospital and medical coverage provided under Medicare Part A and Part B, except in the case of hospice care. Original Medicare will continue covering hospice care even if the Medicare beneficiary is enrolled in a MA plan. Some Medicare Advantage plans include additional benefits, such as dental, vision, or hearing coverage and health and wellness programs.

Most Medicare Advantage plans in Florida come with prescription drug coverage, in a plan better known as Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans or MAPDs. However, if a Florida Medicare beneficiary is already enrolled in a stand-alone Medicare Part D plan or already has existing credible drug coverage, an MA plan without drug coverage may be the better option.

How are Florida residents eligible to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan?

As a resident of Florida, you are generally eligible to sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan if:

What types of MA plans are available to Florida Medicare beneficiaries?

Florida Medicare Advantage plans come in several different types. Each type of MA plan has different regulations around obtaining services and charges different out-of-pocket costs. It is important for Florida Medicare beneficiaries to find the Medicare Advantage plans that best suit their health needs and cover their preferred health care providers.

Other less common types of Medicare Advantage plans available in Florida include:

Please note that Florida Medicare beneficiaries can only sign up for Medicare Advantage plans during enrollment periods for which they are eligible.